Frequently asked Questions

We use Australia Post as our shipping method and the shipping fee depends on the weight of the products you purchase from our store

Yes, We do offer an express service at a minimum extra fee. The cost will be shown at checkout before confirming your purchase.

We are located in Queen Victoria Market J Shed 24-25, we share the same time table as QVM. 

Yes indeed they are! The timber is all sourced from around Byron Bay and this hugely helps the growth of local, native vegetation. The timber varies in how it looks due to exactly where the tree was growing, how much rain the tree soaked up and how much beautiful Byron sunshine it absorbed as it grew.

We do use resin to fill in any naturally occurring holes in the wood or to replace a loose wood knot. Not every board has them and not every board needs resin… but if we have used it you have a clear, flat surface to prepare your feasts upon. Don’t worry about the resin falling out, we apply it to the fresh timber and it is not going anywhere!


Will the oil leak through the bottom of my Aroma Pod?

Each Aroma Pod is tested to ensure they don’t leak. However, the Aroma Pod is made from a naturally porous material and it is recommended that something is placed underneath to protect painted or highly polished surfaces. 

How often do you fill the Aroma Pod with essential oil?

It depends on the quality of the essential oil and how much has been put into the pod. If no smell is present, simply pop more essential oil into the pod.

How long will the Aroma Pod last?

The Aroma Pod is guaranteed to last a lifetime. 

How big are the Aroma pods?

The mini Aroma pod measures approximately 7cm in circumference and the medium Aroma pod measures approximately 9cm in circumference.

will the eco food board be marked by knives?

Yes they will. Can’t get around that. The boards are wooden so knife scratches will happen…but the timber is medium density and it really does wear well. Think of them of laughter lines…they are the records of the wonderful creations you have put together on an Eco Food Board

Can I change the oil in my Aroma Pod?

Yes, you can change the fragrance by adding your own essential oil instead of topping up with Eucalyptus.  Wait for the Eucalyptus to completely dissipate and add whatever you choose.  This can be done over an over again!